Sets in Progress

1993 Upper Deck – Baseball

1993 Upper Deck

# Player
218 Cory Snyder
219 Gary Carter
336 Randy Johnson
407 Bob Welch
427 Tyrone Hill TP
429 Derek Wallace TP RC
567 Barry Bonds
570 Mark Carreon
577 Fred McGriff
579 Dave Righetti
592 Kevin McReynolds
593 Andres Galarraga
597 Tim Raines
601 Mike Munoz
643 Paul Wagner
644 Sean Berry
680 Hubie Brooks
691 Damon Buford
739 Doug Dascenzo
741 Candy Maldonado
804 Dan Plesac
806 Tom Brunansky

SP6 Nolan Ryan SP


Fifth Anniversary
A1 Ken Griffey, Jr.
A2 Gary Sheffield
A3 Roberto Alomar
A4 Jim Abbott
A5 Nolan Ryan
A6 Juan Gonzalez
A7 David Justice
A8 Carlos Baerga
A9 Reggie Jackson
A10 Eric Karros
A11 Chipper Jones
A12 Ivan Rodriguez
A13 Pat Listach
A14 Frank Thomas
A15 Tim Salmon

Future Heroes
55 Roberto Alomar
56 Barry Bonds
57 Roger Clemens
58 Juan Gonzalez
59 Ken Griffey, Jr.
60 Mark McGwire
61 Kirby Puckett
63 Checklist (Vernon Wells, Sr. Artwork)
NNO Header Card SP

Home Run Heroes
HR1 Juan Gonzalez
HR6 Barry Bonds
HR8 Darren Daulton
HR9 Ken Griffey, Jr.
HR11 Ryne Sandberg
HR20 Ray Lankford
HR21 Matt Williams
HR22 Eric Anthony
HR23 Bobby Bonilla
HR24 Kirby Puckett
HR25 Mike Macfarlane
HR26 Tom Brunansky
HR27 Paul O’Neill

On Deck
D1 Jim Abbott
D2 Roberto Alomar
D5 Wade Boggs
D7 Jose Canseco
D8 Will Clark
D9 Roger Clemens
D10 Dennis Eckersley
D11 Cecil Fielder
D12 Juan Gonzalez
D13 Ken Griffey, Jr.
D14 Tony Gwynn
D15 Bo Jackson
D16 Chipper Jones
D17 Eric Karros
D18 Mark McGwire
D19 Kirby Puckett
D20 Nolan Ryan
D21 Tim Salmon
D22 Ryne Sandberg
D23 Darryl Strawberry
D24 Frank Thomas

Reggie Jackson’s Clutch Performers
R1 Roberto Alomar
R2 Wade Boggs
R3 Barry Bonds
R4 Jose Canseco
R5 Joe Carter
R6 Will Clark
R7 Roger Clemens
R8 Dennis Eckersley
R9 Cecil Fielder
R10 Juan Gonzalez
R11 Ken Griffey, Jr.
R12 Rickey Henderson
R13 Barry Larkin
R14 Don Mattingly
R16 Terry Pendleton
R17 Kirby Puckett
R19 John Smoltz
R20 Frank Thomas

Then & Now
TN2 George Brett
TN3 Rickey Henderson
TN5 Nolan Ryan
TN6 Ryne Sandberg
TN7 Ozzie Smith
TN8 Darryl Strawberry
TN9 Dave Winfield
TN10 Dennis Eckersley
TN11 Tony Gwynn
TN12 Howard Johnson
TN13 Don Mattingly
TN14 Eddie Murray
TN15 Robin Yount
TN16 Reggie Jackson
TN17 Mickey Mantle
TN18 Willie Mays

Triple Crown Contenders
TC1 Barry Bonds
TC2 Jose Canseco
TC4 Ken Griffey, Jr.
TC7 Cal Ripken, Jr.
TC8 Gary Sheffield
TC9 Frank Thomas
TC10 Larry Walker

Walter Iooss Collection
NNO Header
WI1 Tim Salmon
WI2 Jeff Bagwell
WI3 Mark McGwire
WI4 Roberto Alomar
WI5 Steve Avery
WI6 Paul Molitor
WI7 Ozzie Smith
WI8 Mark Grace
WI9 Eric Karros
WI10 Delino DeShields
WI11 Will Clark
WI12 Albert Belle
WI13 Ken Griffey, Jr.
WI14 Howard Johnson
WI15 Cal Ripken, Jr.
WI16 Fred McGriff
WI17 Darren Daulton
WI18 Andy Van Slyke
WI19 Nolan Ryan
WI20 Wade Boggs
WI21 Barry Larkin
WI22 George Brett
WI23 Cecil Fielder
WI24 Kirby Puckett
WI25 Frank Thomas
WI26 Don Mattingly

Willie Mays Baseball Heroes
47 1954 “The Catch”
48 1956-57 “30-30 Club”
49 1961 “Four-Homer Game”
50 1965 “MVP”

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