This site is dedicated to the set collector and player collector. Don’t get me wrong pulling a monster “hit” is thrilling but there is just special about getting the last card to complete a set.

I started collecting cards in 1987 with my dad. He would buy me packs after every baseball practice and game. I believe he did this to motivate me to play baseball which worked really well. Still, to this day there is something about those wood bordered cards that makes me smile.

I stopped collecting in 1994. There are a few contributing factors that lead to my exit from the hobby, and no Eric Norton it wasn’t due to a girl. The Major League Baseball strike was a large reason, it really hurt my love of the game. I also started high school and playing football. Football became my main focus for next five years before I realized I wasn’t going to play in the NFL.

During my college years, I would find myself looking at packs at Target/Wal-Mart wondering whatever happened to the 36 pack box for $15.00. Once in a while, I would wander into a hobby shop, see how much had changed and just leave.

Then in 2010, I purchased my first home and my mom told me it was about time that I took all of my “junk” from their garage and move into my house. In doing so I found all of my old cards from when I was a kid. They stayed in an empty room for about two years before I started to go through them all.

I went to my LCS picked up the latest issues of the baseball, football, and basketball Becketts,  a few 5000 count monster boxes and some penny sleeves.

Well, I found out that the Becketts were almost useless for my cards because they all fell within the “Junk-Wax Era”, 1985-1994. Only the very best cards from those sets were listed with prices. I also learned that most collectors used eBay as their pricing guide on current values for cards.

I started sorting them like I did as a kid with my dad, by year and set. I pulled out some stars and Hall of Famers to top load later. This was just the starting point of what my collection has become today.

It has been 6 years since I jumped back into the hobby with a passion for collecting. This site hopefully shares my passion for collecting with you. I know there are a ton of blogs and sites about collecting and why will this one be any different… It probably won’t be much different at all, but it will be filled with unique content from my collection.

I hope you enjoy and that we can connect via Twitter, Instagram or this website.